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Retrofit Double Glazing / Insert Windows / Full Replacements

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​Several banks are currently offering Warm Up Your Home, Home Loan Top Ups and deals to assist with the costs associated with renovations; in particular improvements directly related to Double Glazing. Check with your bank and see what they can offer you in regard to your quote.

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Westpac Warm Up
Up to $40,000 / Interest Free for 5 Years

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ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

Up to $80,000 / 1% Interest for 3 Years

ASB Better Home Top Ups

Up to $80,000 / 1% Interest for 3 Years

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BNZ Green Home Top Ups

Up to $80,000 / 1% Interest for 3 Years

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Kiwi Bank Sustainable Energy Loan

Speak to Kiwibank for Amounts + Terms

TSB Home Loan Top Ups

Speak to TSB for Amounts + Terms

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