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Interior Window Dressings

Roller blinds are an extremely stylish window solution and are the height of fashion at the moment. They are one of the oldest types of blinds but have made a huge comeback with the modern fabrics that are now available.

At Get Glazed, we have sourced an extensive range of fabrics from a variety of suppliers to bring you the best selection of colours, textures, designs and prices. This allows you to make a decision based on both style and budget, without compromising the final look. This range of fabrics allows you to choose whether your blind offers full privacy and blockout, or partial privacy with various degrees of lightfiltering.

We offer a variety of control systems from the standard chain through to full motorisation.

  • SUNFILTER Sunfilters have earned their popularity through making your indoors more environmentally friendly. While they effectively block a great deal of heat and UV, they do not completely block your view. At night with the light on, you will see in through a Sunfilter blind. Sunfilter blinds are incredibly durable and easy to clean. They don’t collect dust and if anything spills on them, they can be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

  • LIGHTFILTER This range of fabrics is in between a Sunfilter and a Blockout blind. They have a higher degree of light diffusion than a Sunfilter fabric but will still allow light into the room which creates a lovely soft light tone. You cannot see out through these fabrics during the day and at night, anyone outside would only see a slight shadow effect if you were close to the window.

  • BLOCKOUT Blockout blinds provide you with evening privacy and will help block the sun out. The majority of the Blockout fabrics have a backing that will increase the thermal efficiency of the fabric. This white backing means that you can vary the colours of the blinds in different rooms to match your décor but have a uniform look on the outside.


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